There is something about settling in to write your revision that churns up all kinds of silt. As you can see, I’m making progress:

And that’s good progress. I’m a little ahead of schedule (according to my marvelous math) and headed toward a clearly-defined endgame.


You see that little smudge between 6 and 7?

Yup. That would be an addendum. It’s not a huge diversion, but I will be adding some material that just didn’t exist.

And you will note that the smudge is labeled #1.

I’m adding three or four chapters to the existing material. And that puts me into my “Warning: Word Count!” index cards, so there’d better not be too many more.

Then, eventually, I’ll do NaNoWriMo, so that I have a shiny new first draft to work on while I’m querying.

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  1. Congratulations on tackling revisions. In my mind, it’s the hardest part about writing (though I’m going to have to kick myself to write steady in my current WIP.

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