A little bit late,  this morning. I’m having a nice glass of protein powder in water, and trying to think skinny thoughts. Then, again…. who doesn’t think skinny thoughts while they’re drinking protein powder and water? At least it’s cold.

In my glorious revision, I’m more or less done working out the secondary character’s timeline, and I’m working on revising the main plotline so there are more people involved in it. Right now, it’s a little sparse. They get from point A to point B, but there’s a whole chunk with so little conflict I might as well have just put them on the train, and let them get there.

It also passes up opportunities to follow some of the other characters I’m really kinda fond of, but who aren’t MAIN Characters.

So, new rule: Anybody who’s not either dead or turned traitor must stay with the group, and not wander around on their own.

That means I’ll be rewriting the middle, but it desperately needs it.

The revision is not going to be done by the end of April. Not unless I discover a few extra hours in the day.

I can give up sleep… right? I’ve already given up time consuming food for lunches.

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