Anybody Want to Join the StoryTime Blog Hop this Month?

I thought about doing the April A-to-Z Challenge or Camp NaNoWriMo this month, but as it turns out, I’m not doing either one. April snuck up on me, somehow. (I might still be able to go back and hit a few of the letters.) What I am doing this month is the April edition of

The Dead End Gets Deader.

When I got to work today, everyone was in a tailspin about upcoming hours changes. Obviously, the end of the world is coming, and everyone’s going to be miserable. What else is new? I suspect nothing whatsoever will change, and everyone will still be miserable. At the rate we’re going, I’ll wind up having to

Death and Rejection

People who have been around for a while know that April isn’t the greatest time for me. It’s been a while, but I’m still not entirely past that “oh” feeling of hitting the anniversary of a death. Oh, yes. That’s right. One end of the month is a birthday… and I still have that last

Query Catastrophe (And Rewrite #1)

As a part of the great how-to-write-a query-letter extravaganza, I posted my query letter on a writing forum I belong to, and sat back to wait for feedback. I’m getting precisely the feedback that I was afraid of. Not that my letter sucks, exactly… but that the part that has to be absolutely clear in

Names, Names, and more Names

I ran into a weird conversation about taking your spouse’s name when you get married. I don’t know why it caught my eye, since I’m not married, and I’m not considering getting married. And that’s a decision that’s long since made, anyway. I have a strange fascination with relationships and gender. I can’t imagine changing

Languages and Words

I got through filling in all of the words that I’d left out–every single one of them–today. Part of that is laying some groundwork, in the event that I’d like to do more work with the language my main character speaks. Nothing I can’t live with. My main character comes from a culture that has

Errands of the Day

I’ve been working my way through dictionaries of extinct languages.  Don’t ask, and I’m not going to tell, but yeah… that’s how my day has been going. On the bright side, I’m really hacking away at that list of words. Down to eight. Today is one of those days that life in general gets in

The Approaching Death of Fitbit #3

Last night, my fitbit was giving me some incredibly low heart rate readings. Like… probably fifteen or twenty points lower than my usual resting heart rate. I don’t actually believe those readings, and it didn’t take much pulse-counting to confirm that they’re wrong. They’re not Oh, shit, I’m going to die! readings. More like Yeah,

Books on Tape

I’m in the process of listening to The Yiddish Policemen’s Union on tape, and about half-way through the book, it suddenly hit me where I’m having problems with it. I may not be a book-on-tape person. It’s very possible that there are parts of the book where I am listening to the narrator’s voice rather

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