L is for Laughter

I thought about making this post about Lepterians–one of the two main cultures from my Science-Fiction-y thing–but then I thought better of it. After all, A-to-Z is about community building and creative exploration, and certainly not about siphoning off readers for my own petty gain. (oopsy!) So, I’m making this post about laughter. And I’m going

K is for Kissing… and stuff.

There were a lot of great words today. Kindness and Knowledge and all sorts of things with maturity and depth. There’s wisdom and life lessons out there on other people’s blogs. Unfortunately for you, I just got off the phone with my sister, and that pretty much took us both back to junior high, and I’m

I is for Impostor Syndrome

I’ve been having strange dreams lately. You know those weird, recurring, not-quite-nightmares that linger? This is the one where you’re some place. Somewhere you want to be, and you can see in, but somehow, no matter what you do,  you can’t find your way inside. There are variations, of course, but that’s the basic idea. You

H is for Holly

I was tapping on the keyboard the other day–word prediction on–while I thought about words for the challenge. And somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that I could blog my web history A-to-Z. If I were doing that, my H word would either be Holly Lisle or (Unrelated Topic) Hermaphrodite. Uhm, let’s go

G is for Giving Yourself a Chance

I’m surrounded by talented people. And right now, I’m taking about the ones I sincerely, straight-faced, honestly believe are talented. I know so many talented people. Writers and artists and singers and dancers. People who are brilliant and creative, and all the good things. And more often than not, the things that should be their

E is for Effort and Expectations

  Welcome! Today is the first double-dip day of the month, with Insecure Writer’s Support Group and the letter E in the A-t0-Z Challenge falling on the same day. And as it turns out, I have just enough E-type insecurities to make it work. I’ve reached the point that Effort is a big issue for

D is for Doubt

You know that “artist”? The one who sings, or paints, or writes, or… dances? Whatever. The one who makes everyone cringe, because everybody in the room—except the artist–knows how awful, and untalented she is? No one ever says anything, because “the artist” is so enthusiastic, and so earnest, and so committed. No one wants to break her heart.

C is for C– uh-oh.. C– oh, my… Cussing

Cussing. No, I promised. No adult language. But Cussing is a C-word for which I have more than a little talent. I like the intensifiers and the transitive verbs. I like the broken-glass window into the culture in question. My immigrant great-grandfather–who was a liar, by the way–insisted that there were no dirty words in his

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