Writers’ Group

After calls to everything book-y, art-y, and just plain in-the-know, I’ve given up on finding a writers’ group in my small town and moved on to founding a writers’group. Yay, civic responsibility. Fortunately, the one other writer I know IRL is more outgoing than I am. So, we’re putting up posters. I think we are,

So, Your Teacher Did What??!!

So, I recently woke up to the news that somewhere in Connecticut, a teacher resigned to “resolve” a dispute that started when he read a poem to his high school students.  Obviously, this fascinates me as a writer. The poem was Please, Master by Allen Ginsberg, and in all fairness, I read it for the first

April Statistics

I wrote 37,322 words in April.  That’s an improvement of more than 5,000 over March. I cut down on the inconsistency, with only three days where I wrote less than a thousand words.  With the new and “improved” work schedule, I’m writing from a place where this is the only time I’m going to get.

Point of View Issue

So, I was writing a scene from the Lepterian’s point of view–an event that he is remembering–and I ran into an interesting Point of View problem. The scene is supposed to be locked into a tight third-person limited. The problem is that every time he refers to himself as “The Lepterian” the scene pops right back

March Statistics

I wrote 31, 601 words in March. That’s including five days of random inconsistency, so I’ll have to work on that more. I’ve been working with a plot grid for the first time in my life, and I’m getting a lot out of that. I still haven’t mentioned this blog to anyone I know in

An Interesting Detour

I was in Hiawatha, Kansas last week, and ran into the Davis Memorial.   All this fits in a space a little bigger than the size of a two-car garage.     When John’s wife Sarah died, he had this monument built for her. The marble statues are imported from Italy… And installed in the cemetery in

February Statistics & Musings

I wrote 29,557 words in February. I’m still enjoying the Science Fiction/Fantasy experiment, and I’ve been working on revising that into a presentable form. Could be Valentine’s Day.  Could be Fifty Shades of Grey. Could be the relationships I’ve picked to explore in my own work… but I’m fixated on sex and culture, right now.  That’s


So, I finally broke down, and decided that I needed a writer’s website.  What can I say?  All my friends are doing it.  And right now, that really is my motivation.  I wanted a place where my internet writing buddies can come, hang out, and read some of what I’m working on. And probably a

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