At Least the AI Loves Me

I’ve started getting Jetpack’s e-mails on the subject of why I should not give up blogging, why this is better than Facebook or Instagram, and why the key to more viewers is more blog posts. I believe the email mentioned SEO, which is a nice way of saying I should cram more keywords into my

At Any Rate…

For some reason–I am still trying to figure out exactly what reason– I decided a long walk would not be completely insane today. Long? It was only about three miles (which brings my total to around 9, so far.), but I’m fairly sure I get bonus points, due to the fact that it was 94

The Dangers of Hanging Out With Geneticists

My little craft project for the week is a birthday gift for a family friend. I’m not sure how I got nominated for this. Probably just too stupid to see the work wedged in between fits of flattery. (We need something creative. Karen…. you’re creative. You do something.) By the time I figured it out,

My Day, So Far

I spent most of today working on a “free upgrade” which is supposed to make my internet faster, better, stronger than before. By “free upgrade” what’s actually meant is, please, can we get this over with before it’s made mandatory? And “By the way, we may have to re-wire your entire house.” Cue the weeping

The View From My Kitchen

It’s Wednesday evening, and I’m boiling a pair of shoes. Street shoes. One at a time, because I don’t actually have a pot that’s big enough to boil both shoes at once. Don’t ask questions. Well, the goal is to make the shoes mold to a particularly tricky set of feet. Essentially, I’m hoping to

And in Real Life…

I finally got in contact with a co-worker who was supposed to leave a short story for me, and–** sigh of relief**–it turns out her printer broke down. Which means that I have not left her story wandering around town unsupervised. So, when the printer is back online… I still get a copy of the

This Week in Roadside Attractions…

The lake was calling me, this week. No. Not that lake. No… uhm… no, not any sane lake within reasonable driving distance. I mean Rathbun Lake, which is a solid 3/4 of a state away. Did I mention I made the trip there and back in a day? Well, it’s something new, and we’ve been

IWSG: Thinking About Pitfalls

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds! August 1 question – What pitfalls would you warn other writers to avoid on their

Storytime Blog Hop July 2018

Beginning Again It was late March, and Myra Jackson couldn’t understand why the apartment was so cold. The weather had been sunny and warm for three or four days in a row, so at first, she thought she’d turned off the furnace too soon. An overnight drop in temperature, and she woke up shivering. She

Films About Films

For some reason, I’m watching The People vs George Lucas. I’m not that big a Star Wars fan. I can tell you for a fact that I am not wearing Star Wars underpants (unlike most of the people in the film.) But the Star Wars fan base fascinates me. So, here I am, watching a

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