T is for Timely Turpitude

I had no idea what to write, and probably only about three brain cells left awake to write it with, when an acquaintance of mine provided me with the answer: turpitude. I’m in a small town, and that makes a difference. I have known this acquaintance (and his wife) for (mumble, mumble) years. Long enough

S is for Science Fiction

The truth  is, I don’t know where to start with this genre. If you want to go back all the way to the beginning, I think you land at a giant coloring book called Alfie in Computer City. I don’t remember much of the plot–Alfie gets sucked into a computerized world, I think–but I remember

R is for Repetition and Results

We’re getting on toward the end of the A-to-Z Challenge–only nine more letters to go–and I’ve done well with it. It’s April, and I’ve already gotten more traffic than I did during all of last year. I want to keep the habits I’ve started to build up here. I want to get to the end

Q is for Quiet

Q… oh, yeah. That’s right. There are some really weird letters coming up, aren’t there? X… Y… Great. I thought about a lot of things for this post. Can I make a whole post out of Quaker Oats? Or maybe cheating. There are some languages with plenty of Q-words. Of course, I don’t speak any of

P is for Perfection

Perfection is my drug of choice. Always has been.  In grade school, I was once held after school to finish a project that I had been too finicky to finish in the scheduled time. And I don’t mean, after school, that day. I mean after school that year. The thing was supposed to be an American

O is for Owning Your Website

As part of the A-to-Z Challenge, I’ve been on other people’s websites a lot, since the beginning of April.  These are personal websites. Artful websites. They are websites that are loved. Every single one of them. So, I’m going to grab a bullhorn, get up on a soapbox, and talk about owning your website. Because I

N is for Names… Not that I have any.

I knew this had to be my topic, as soon as I saw some of the other posts people are doing on the topic. Names are a special kind of torment for me. I will fixate on just about any kind of name. I can’t name a minor character, much less a book, without obsessing

M is for… Oh, yeah. Murder(s)

So, I started out… the very first book-length story I wrote was a reasonably brutal thriller set in a small American town somewhere between two farms. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with that book, and editing it into some kind of presentable shape. It’s the first one. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I

L is for Laughter

I thought about making this post about Lepterians–one of the two main cultures from my Science-Fiction-y thing–but then I thought better of it. After all, A-to-Z is about community building and creative exploration, and certainly not about siphoning off readers for my own petty gain. (oopsy!) So, I’m making this post about laughter. And I’m going

K is for Kissing… and stuff.

There were a lot of great words today. Kindness and Knowledge and all sorts of things with maturity and depth. There’s wisdom and life lessons out there on other people’s blogs. Unfortunately for you, I just got off the phone with my sister, and that pretty much took us both back to junior high, and I’m

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