And Now, I Just Keep Going…

Welcome to the week from hell. Something came up suddenly, and I had to leave work and run… but not before multiple relatives I haven’t heard from in eons showed up to ask how I’m doing. And what’s going on. And what our plans are. And how hurt they are that they aren’t popular enough to

Y is for Yes!

Yes! As in, I don’t have to scour the dictionary for words that begin with Y. Yes is a perfectly good word, and one I’m really over using, right now. Probably a lot too much yes in my life–especially at work–and not nearly enough “Up your–” uhm… politely worded “NO.” And I’m feeling the weight

X is for Xenophobia

Is it too late to pick an alphabet without an X? Yes? Damn. So, the story I’m working on–the one I’m sharing, piece by piece, on this blog–is about a universe that is rebuilding after a long and expensive war. The primary setting for the story is the planet that won the war.  It’s a planet that is

W is for Williams

Double dipping again, this time with the Storytime Blog Hop, and a great bunch of Speculative Fiction Writers from Holly Lisle’s Writing Classes. Williams “What about the ethical implications?” The old journalist glanced at her notebook, shifted her weight, and smothered an impulse to look at the boy, instead of the crippled man. Looking at

U is for Unexpected Surprises

I was shopping in the rock-bottom bargain bin at a used bookstore, and I bought a few books on the “What are you risking?” plan. Five, maybe ten bucks worth, and ten bucks on used books can go a long way.  I wasn’t expecting anything in particular. It was a grab bag, maybe a little influenced by

T is for Timely Turpitude

I had no idea what to write, and probably only about three brain cells left awake to write it with, when an acquaintance of mine provided me with the answer: turpitude. I’m in a small town, and that makes a difference. I have known this acquaintance (and his wife) for (mumble, mumble) years. Long enough

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