Benefits of Blogging A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

It’s day two of the A-to-Z Blogging challenge, and I am already Be-hind. This was a spur of the moment thing for me, so I  don’t have any posts stockpiled on the scheduler, the way some people might. (I have a Sunday coming up, so I hope to change that, soon.) So, today, the best

Alright Already–the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

I’ve been hearing about the A-to-Z Blogging challenge on and off for several years. So, this morning when I ran into yet another friend talking about the challenge in one of my online writing communities, I finally gave in. Alright Already. I’ll do twenty-six posts in a month. (In alphabetical order, and somehow incorporating the


Who did you bring to the party? I brought one of my characters from the novel I’m posting here on Reprobate Typewriter. He’s the Captain of the Upright Guard, and a hero of the Wars Against the Penitent Planets. Is he/she your Valentine or anti-Valentine? I had to drag him out from under a prostitute

Where Do I Get My Ideas, and the REAL Question

The other day, I ran into this conversation in which two well-known authors were discussing their ideas on Twitter: 1. All authors dread the question: “Where do you get your ideas from?” This is because there is NO ANSWER. #TenTweetsAboutGettingIdeas — Joanne Harris (@Joannechocolat) February 4, 2016 True. I once answered: ‘The same place you get

Story Time Blog Hop for January

I got the final count for the January edition of the Story Time Blog Hop yesterday, and I’m excited to say we have ten writers who will be posting Speculative Fiction stories this time around. The stories don’t go live until January 27th, but here’s the lineup, if you want to check them out in advance:

Writing Vs Revising: Goals For the New Year

Last year was all about word count and getting myself out there. I wrote about a half million words last year.  I started my own website, got on Twitter, and participated in a blog-hop, an advent calendar, and Nanowrimo. I also started tracking down writers for a local writers group–much easier than I thought it would

About That Article on Medium

After the last blog hop, I posted my story to Medium. And the response was less than spectacular.  I got about five hits–all of them off of Holly Lisle’s forum, where I had talked about Medium and asked for opinions from other writers. Then, several days ago, I posted another article on Medium. This one

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