Query Letter Fun Time

I  just started working on a new query letter.  This one’s a little different. You see, I’ve only written about three thousand words of the manuscript.  About fifteen pages. Write the letter before the novel is a piece of advice I’ve heard over and over (yes, on the internet.) and now, I have an idea that’s

Well, blog-hoppity…

Some of the writers on the How To Think Sideways forum are putting together a fiction blog hop, and I’m going to participate.  The rules are fairly straightforward.  Short story, August 26th, and link to the other people on the list. Short story….  I haven’t done that in a while.  Short stories have a tendency

Writers’ Group

After calls to everything book-y, art-y, and just plain in-the-know, I’ve given up on finding a writers’ group in my small town and moved on to founding a writers’group. Yay, civic responsibility. Fortunately, the one other writer I know IRL is more outgoing than I am. So, we’re putting up posters. I think we are,

So, Your Teacher Did What??!!

So, I recently woke up to the news that somewhere in Connecticut, a teacher resigned to “resolve” a dispute that started when he read a poem to his high school students.  Obviously, this fascinates me as a writer. The poem was Please, Master by Allen Ginsberg, and in all fairness, I read it for the first

Point of View Issue

So, I was writing a scene from the Lepterian’s point of view–an event that he is remembering–and I ran into an interesting Point of View problem. The scene is supposed to be locked into a tight third-person limited. The problem is that every time he refers to himself as “The Lepterian” the scene pops right back

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