Wanna Peek at My Hike?

I finally got some decent weather and enough time to go out. Outdoors, that is. I found a new path in a place I would have sworn I already knew and headed off to get some mud on my feet. It doesn’t look like good fishing, but there are plenty of animal tracks around. (Not

The First Hike of Autumn

Yesterday was the first day of Autumn here, and true to form, it was 95 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. I walked nearly nine miles (according to the fitbit) and about three of those miles were outdoor miles. By the end of that, I was grateful for every little patch of shade.

I Went For a Walk In the Woods

I went for a walk in the woods (Fontenelle Forest, to be precise) and a quick visit to the connected raptor rescue, where they rehabilitate birds of prey. (Just birds of prey. Not ducks. Not woodpeckers. Birds of Prey) They also house a number of birds which would not be able to survive in the

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