Secrets and Celebrations

I have Science Fiction Double Feature stuck in my head. You know, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show? To be specific, this version.

(That’s Amanda Palmer, and she’s the first person to raise more than a million dollars via crowdfunding, if you’re interested.)

How do these things get stuck in my head? I don’t really know, but since it’s there, and since it’s not coming out any time soon, let’s talk about that.

I don’t remember the first time I heard the song, but I can tell you the context. My cousin (the pan-sexual nymphette) and her longtime partner (a garden-variety Lesbian) used to turn on a VHS of The Rocky Horror Picture Show when they decided it was time for my uncle (a homophobic mechanical engineer) to leave. TV goes on after dinner, the music starts up–and by the time Brad and Janet’s car breaks down–my uncle, his wife, and all but a few hip stragglers have cleared out.

Just like magical clockwork.

I was in college, before I was invited to straggle and finally see the rest of that movie.

And then, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was everywhere. Partially, recognizing references I might have missed, before, partially seeking it out. And partially, the company I keep.

And this song is stuck in my head.

Part of it, I admit, is that not-so-subtle wish that I had the power to make unpleasant, or undesirable people go away as easily as my cousin did. I don’t know if that would work for me.

Part of it is the on-going nostalgia trip I seem to be on right now. Where the hell is the guy who took me to the… late night…. double feature… picture… show? Well, Minnesota, the last I heard from him. South Dakota, by rumor.

I like the movie, and I like the versions with the live cast. The sense of people getting together, and playing together. I like the idea of a piece of art connecting people the way Rocky Horror does. I enjoy the idea of people coming together around a performance. And maybe… the idea that something made up, and fictional, and fantastic can really make a difference.


Scheduling Quirks, and Hollywood

I had post written and scheduled to go at one o’clock today. When I finally got back to the computer, I realized that it had not gone, and I can’t quite figure out what I did wrong. I had the same thing happen a couple of weeks ago, and then some smooth sailing. I’ll have to look into that.

Then–given a second thought about posting that piece–I decided to write a new piece, and re-schedule that one for later in the month. There are reasons. It’s potentially a little political, and more ambiguous than what I’d like to introduce to strangers on their very first run on my blog. And most of the new readers I get do come in at the beginning or end of the month. Which means that ambiguous, slightly political posts should probably be in the middle of the month.

I read stuff today. Apparently, there is enough alcohol in the world to get Hollywood seriously drunk. And they’ve been casting A Wrinkle in Time by throwing drunken darts at random head shots. Reese Witherspoon as Mrs Whatsit? Mindy Kaling as Mrs Which?  What in the name of the unholy, bubbling hell-froth? Am I the only one who envisioned Mrs Which and Mrs. Whatsit as much, much, much older? Like Phyllis Diller’s much older sister older?

I’m willing to negotiate. You can make a movie of one of my books and put Mindy Kaling in that. We’ll work out the details later.