A Couple of Pictures

They are auctioning off chairs for the literacy program, so here they are. (Each one is tagged with a retail price over $400, so strictly window shopping.) Also stopped by Brownville and took a picture. The festival season hasn’t started yet, but my Fitbit was demanding more steps.

Cheaper than Shipping

Do you know how hard it is to find just the right item to add to your order to get free shipping? I found my microwave safe neti pot, but that last three bucks? Impossible! If the neti pot weren’t breakable, I’d add a case of meal replacement shakes and be done with it, but…

The Premature Death of Wearable Electronics

Welcome to Fitbit Number Three. Now, you may be asking yourself what happened to Fitbit number two. Well, that’s understandable. If you blinked, you probably missed it. I got a Fitbit Blaze over the Thanksgiving weekend. For those of you who are either too ladylike to add the swears or not American… That would be

Giveaways and Readers

I’m sick as a dog right now, and took the day off work. I’m having trouble with the seemingly simple task of walking and not vomiting at the same time. Since both of those things are highly valued in the workplace, I’m recuperating at home. If I don’t eat, drink, or move… Well, don’t tell.

Reverse Dumpster Diving

You know those big name authors? The ones who have to cross cut shred everything because the people who go through their garbage would post spoilers in the internet, if they didn’t? Well, I’m not one of them. In fact, my well-meaning critics dropped off an extra bag of garbage this morning. It appears they

Pricing and Podcasting Microphones

I was in a Best Buy the other day. That’s something I don’t do all that often because it tends to make me a little nostalgia-y sad. (They’ve really pared down their components in recent years, and the sad truth is that I usually know more than the staff does. Especially if I’ve been researching

Revise or Rewrite?

Lately, the question with basically everything I’m working on for my revision seems to be do I revise what I already have, or do I rewrite it from scratch. I think I’m doing pretty well with rewriting. It seems like the answers are just coming to me, right now. Or, maybe it’s the step back

NaNoWriMo Day 12: Dreams and So Forth

Ever have one of those dreams where a beloved children’s book author takes pity on you and takes you out for Chinese with the rest of his family? I’m not sure exactly where we went afterward, but I’m pretty sure you get the general idea. One standard belonging and camaraderie dream coming up. Nothing says

Nanowrimo Day 11: Something Goes Here

One of the benefits of writing by hand is that it slows me down and makes me think about the words I’m putting on the page. And one of the downsides of writing by hand is that it slows me down. I don’t know what it is about 1,667 handwritten words that seems so much

Let The Typing Begin

I got up early this morning, and started to type. I mean type, not write new words out of my head in a typer-ly way. I have a few NaNoWriMo pages left to type into the fabulous Scrivener program (okay, so closer to fifty) And we’re finally going to get to the root of how

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