The Pantser Plots

NaNoWriMo is coming up, and that always brings us back to the subject of Pantsing vs. Plotting. If you know a hardcore plotter, you know they’ve already been up for months, working on their outline, their character profiles, and their world-building. And technically, none of it counts as jumping the gun. I, on the other

Another Post on Ways to Publish

Recently, a co-worker of mine–someone who knows that I am working on a novel–came to me in the break room and handed me a classified ad out of the Penny Press. That’s a small-town all-classified ads type publication with versions for just about every region there is. (Possibly not yours.) Lemme tell you. If you

In Need of A Road Map

There’s something about the added scenes I’ve been working on that’s vaguely disorienting. I know where I’m going… I’m just not all that sure how to get there. It’s incredibly easy to spiral off into an endless tangent, a place where my characters may or may not ever get to “the end.” Right now, I’m

There Are Holes in My Socks

I am staring at my online shopping basket, and alternately thnking of deleting everything–because it’s more money than I had intended to spend–and just clicking BUY BUY BUY. I got a phone warning that I’d never seen before–one that told me my phone had been turned off because the battery was overheating–and I’m getting more

So, I just walked 500 miles…

You’ll be happy to know I have now earned my Fitbit (brand fitness tracker)’s Serengeti badge. Yup. Have walked 500 miles. On the days when I both wore my fitbit, and remembered to charge it. I’m not sure I feel any healthier, but I do feel more justified in putting my feet up from time

Look at That: Growth

It is October first, and I just passed the total number of views that this blog had last year. It’s all the slow-and-steady thing. (Sometimes, not so steady.) I have been much more consistent (particularly in the early months) than I was, last year, and my daily average for the year is a little higher.

Halloween Horizons

Halloween is still on my mind. It’s one of those holidays where the creative and the geeky, and the generally weird do really well. It’s fun and educational, and sometimes… profitable. Educational? Well… in my case, I mean I’m going to figure out latex prosthetics, not that I’m going to research the most historically accurate

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