Manuscript Resuscitation

I’m working on that revision. You know the one. Time to turn that towering pile of crap into something I wouldn’t mind the neighbors seeing. (There’s also a notebook full of…well… notes to keep me on track.) I’ve been working on getting my stuff together for a while, now. I have my outline, my note

IWSG: Changes to the Industry

The awesome co-hosts for the July 1 posting of the IWSG are Jenni Enzor, Beth Camp, Liesbet, Tyrean Martinson, and Sandra Cox! July 1 question – There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade? I like technology. I

Why I Need That Second Cup of Coffee

So, I’ve been having that dream again. You know. The one where you get the package for the literary agent and the package for the farmers’ coop mixed up. You accidentally sent the alpaca* to Manhattan, New York, and the manuscript to Manhattan, Kansas. Obviously, this is an auto-reject. The alpaca comes back wearing some

Looking For the Right Answer and the Next Generation

Today was a good work day. I got to do my own work. I’m still working on the outline for that manuscript with all the dead people. I’m getting to where I can actually see a book, instead of just hypoglycemic scribblings. It’s also the kind of day where a lot of time goes by

A Little Good News From the Bottom of the Barrel

The bridges are not closed. That’s the good news for the day. No, wait. There’s more. I wrote the phrase “Congratulations?” (Yes, that’s Congratulations, QUESTION MARK) on a cake for a baby shower, and as of right now, the pregnant person has not yet hunted me down. I did tell the man who ordered this

Me, Taking Revision Very Seriously

I’m listening to the sound of the thunder as the storm rolls in. It’s a severe thunderstorm this evening, and then it’s supposed to rain for five days. I have been working on my revision. Taking all the scenes and putting them in order so that nobody dies before they’re finished doing things. Except, of

That Collaboration I Have Nightmares About

Collaboration: The Sorrowful Backstory I took a creative writing class when I was thirteen or fourteen. I was excited to have the opportunity to do something that was more directly related to what I wanted to do than King Lear or argumentative essay writing. The teacher was earnest, and hard-working, and I liked her well

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