Getting Moving Again

I fought my way through enough exercise to make my Fitbit happy. This is an accomplishment on my days off, and next to nothing on the days I work. You see, at some point in my optimistic past, I decided that my goal should be somewhere “above average”–by which, what I mean is my average–and

Look, I posted: Random Tangent of the Day

I’m having one of those days where I got distracted by Why Batteries Aren’t Vegan, and suddenly wound up in the midst of a how electronics are made tangent. Apparently, the answer is meat. I didn’t know that, and I’m still not sure I understand it, but that’s the kind of trivia I have to

Spring Cleaning, and Impossible Schedules

I get up early, and by the end of the day I’m really dragging. Not enough caffeine? Too many carbohydrates? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the fact of having been awake for a whole day’s worth of work. I don’t feel like two in the morning is time to get up, and I don’t

Author Branding The Wrong Way

I took this off any of my automatic-share settings, because I’m really not one of the people affected, and I’m just running a little commentary off to the side. There are plenty of other people in the thick of it. I’ve been watching a writer’s career explode–the drama of the day on Twitter. She’s been

Resolve THIS… In 120,000 Words or Less

I’m glaring down both barrels of an idea that’s only partially developed, and thinking that it might not make a bad series. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of writing a series, but at the same time, spending that much time and energy on a character and a world terrifies me. I’m not

Tornado Season Begins

We’re having severe weather tonight, which means the weather man gets nearly unlimited airtime to mispronounce the names of all the towns in the area, and everybody else goes out for a round of storm chasing. Well, storm chasing lite. I’m not driving into the thick of it, and I’m not replacing my windshield with

Spring Might Be Here

Spring may finally be here. Limited time engagement, but it got up to seventy today, pleasant and warm, with some real sun. It’s the kind of weather where you envision yourself working outdoors on the porch, and then you realize just how short your computer’s battery life is, or just how much the wind blows

Leaving Distractions Behind

So, today, I went to the library to work. A change of scenery can’t be all bad. A little more focus, probably, just because I’m not somewhere I can curl up and watch the Twitter Feed slide by. No computer–not one of mine, anyway–so I’m working on my phone and that folding keyboard I keep

IWSG: Does Spring Inspire You?

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Censored, at Last!

I tried to get on my website from the free public wifi in a fine family dining establishment. (Okay, so, it was a Pizza Hut.) And I was promptly blocked with a message informing me that I had tried to access a website of a classification that is not allowed. My first thought was blogs

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