Revenge of the Zombie Computer

It took two hours for my computer to update–ANNIVERSARY UPDATE!!, the company calls it, as if it were a dozen roses, and as if I weren’t contemplating divorcing my machine at any moment. After two hours of updates, I got the standard “guided tour” of what’s new. Except… it wasn’t there. So, I spent another

IWSG: Character Names or Titles

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds! The awesome co-hosts for the June 6 posting of the IWSG are Beverly Stowe McClure,

Watching the Grass Grow

It is summer, and as usual, I am trying to grow grass. I’m not all that good at grass, and there are times when I think I should do as the city-folk do: Concrete everything, and spray paint the “lawn” green. The way this works is… I scatter grass seed. I water grass seed. I

I Am Perfectly Normal

I am starting out the month of June with a blog post. The beginning of a new month always seems to be a push forward for me. Drive… determination that this month… this month… I’m going to be so much more conscientious than I was last month. I’m going to blog more regularly, and more

Serendipity Time

There are moments when writers just don’t think the same way as other people. I wound up–through an unexpected scheduling quirk–at work two hours early today. (We could discuss that. I’m really not sure if the mistake is mine or someone else’s. My schedule has been regular enough lately that I’ve gotten into the habit

Getting Back To Work

I’m fiddling around with ideas, right now. I have about five thousand words about my new characters, and I can’t say that adds up to a whole lot of scenes. Not complete ones, anyway. I haven’t really latched onto a central conflict, you see. There’s nothing wrong with the characters, themselves. I’m actually pretty proud

Out Offending the World

Some days, it seems like the least objectionable things you say are the most likely to get you blocked on Twitter. Tell someone their mother was a hamster, and their father smelled of elderberries, and all you get is a pause, usually followed by an LOL. Yeah, you’re right, man. But tell someone the sky

That Delusion I’m Human Strikes Again

My shitty day job called this afternoon. By which, what I mean is, less than twenty-four hours before I’m supposed to be at work tomorrow morning. Actually, scratch that. It was slightly less than twelve hours before I’m supposed to be at work. There are exactly two reasons people from work call me, and they

Rabbits, Fallen Trees, and Creeks

I went out again. A little more distance on the thing… I met a little friend along the way. I think there was a rabbit nest involved, because the rabbit seemed to be playing decoy. Here’s a fallen tree. Note how I have artfully cropped the bits with the chainsaw cuts out of the picture.

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