Ha! I’m not the only one who collects rejections.

I’m working on the most perfect-est query letter in the world right now, and obviously, I’m hoping for success. I’m spelling things correctly, and even punctuating them. I’m also measuring out the exact right amount of glitter to go on the hand-drawn hopeful-unicorn’s wings. (Most guidelines suggest  3.27 grams. I don’t know why.)

In all seriousness, though, I fully expect to add to my rejection collection. It’s all just par for the course.

So, today I bring you this guy… who collects rejections recreationally. (Good looking, funny, and a tireless crusader for that ideal “burger refill.”)

11 thoughts on “Ha! I’m not the only one who collects rejections.

  1. A.S. Akkalon says:

    I see you’ve been reading bad glitter advice. It’s sad – so many good queries ruined by the wrong amount of glitter. It’s 5.27 grams you want, not 3.27. Using 3.27 will instantly brand you as an amateur.

    All the best with your querying!

  2. As a complement to the above advice on glitter, I might say that it’s vital also to get the dimensions of the unicorn’s wings exactly right. Good luck! My fingers are crossed (at the right angle, of course).

    • Karen says:

      Dimensions? I’m not even sure I’ve got the shape of the unicorn’s wings right. Do you think they’ll mind if I just send a small medley of unicorns, and let them pick?

  3. Sea-green body paint is out this season. The deer agent would like to see the unicorn of the dyfferent variety. He said your chances are as excellent as the chance of those who know glitter, unicorn wing dimensions, and the defiant unicorn of the purple planet.

    You have talent, explore the possibilities.

  4. I just got my latest form rejection letter. They’re all very sweet and encouraging. And not very helpful.

    Best of luck!

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