My Story Time Blog Hop Link Collection

The Story Time Blog Hop takes place four times a year, in January, April, July, and October, and features fun, family-friendly short stories in the Speculative Fiction genres.

Here are all of the active links to stories which have appeared in the Story Time Blog Hop:

July 2016
Katharina Gerlach Lobster One
S.R. Olson Malakai’s Gift
Wendy Smyer Yu Into The Light
Emily Plesner Time Stops When I’m With You
Barbara Lund Separate Space
Shana Blueming A Melting Heart
Juneta Key Don’t Drink The Water
Angela Wooldridge Midwinter
Lee Lowery All Aboard
Elizabeth McCleary OverWhelmed
Viola Fury The Day The Cat Got Out
Karen Lynn Dragon Smoke and Wind

April 2016
Katharina Gerlach Wet Kisses
Marie Lee Grandpa
Barbara Lund Changing Space
Juneta Key Instinct
Elizabeth McCleary Window
Karen Lynn William

Angela Wooldridge: An Alternative to Frog
Thea van Diepen: Are You Sure It’s That Way?
Paula de Carvalho: Body Double
Kris Bowser: Tantrums
Virginia McClain: Rakko’s Storm
Grace Robinette: Georg Grembl
Elizabeth McCleary: The Door
Dale Cozort: Two Letters In A Fireproof Box
Katharina Gerlach: Canned Food
Rabia Gale: Spark
K. A. Petentler: The Twisted Tale of Isabel
Shana Blueming: Paper & Glue
Amy Keeley: To Be Prepared For Chocolate
Cherie “Jade” Arbuckle: After I Died
Karen Lynn My Story

And links to the homepages of talented authors who have participated in the past:

Thea van Diepen
Paula de Carvalho
Virginia McClain
Grace Robinette
Dale Cozort
K. A. Petentler
Shana Blueming
Amy Keeley
Cherie “Jade” Arbuckle