Things to Do in A Small Town In Autumn, or Gratitude for the Internet

So, here I am squeezing in a blog post mid way through my walk home. Stopped to get a Coke and do some typing.  Summer keeps reappearing around here, and the trees are starting to turn some real colors.

I’m not much of a small-town girl, but the scenery has some definite perks.

Seriously… Get me the hell out of here!!! Or at least airlift in some entertainment.

So, I have NaNoWriMo coming up around the corner, and the team is coming together in ways I wouldn’t have expected. I think I have about ten pages of buddies. I added my profile to the links and follows page in the left menu bar, so you can buddy me on Nano and Follow me on Twitter and stalk me in whatever other ways strike you.

Recently, the thought that I might be writing a young adult or even **gasp** middle grade novel for Nano fluttered  through my mind. Of course, it immediately fluttered back out, when I realized my characters grow up at some point in the novel, and I’m not even sure I read middle grade books when I was in middle grade.

Two and a half days until the next Storytime Blog Hop.

I’d better get on that.

Harvest Time

Harvest  time is here.  And, since it would be more or less impossible to celebrate the harvest without a picture of a farmer dragging an ATV behind his grain hopper behind his tractor, here you go:img_20161009_151708.jpg

When I was in grade school, we had two of the big tires on the school yard. They make delightful play houses and hideaways, not to mention pretty decent fox holes, in the event you happen to be growing up in a decade when you’re allowed to bring your make-believe bazookas and hand grenades to school.

It’s my understanding that most public schools no longer have foxholes.

Not that the picture doesn’t give you a fairly decent sense of size. I’m pretty sure you **can** ride with two adults on that ATV. (This involves ignoring the sticker that says you can’t.)