I Went For a Walk In the Woods

I went for a walk in the woods (Fontenelle Forest, to be precise) and a quick visit to the connected raptor rescue, where they rehabilitate birds of prey. (Just birds of prey. Not ducks. Not woodpeckers. Birds of Prey) They also house a number of birds which would not be able to survive in the wild for various reasons. The short-term residents are kept separately, since they’re not supposed to be socialized to love humans, but the long-term birds are out for the public (provided that they aren’t fostering orphan birds, of course).

Now, to be clear… this is one of those places where an annual membership would be much cheaper for regular visits (uhm, actually if two adults in your family go more than twice in a year) and also there are some benefits (such as after hours access) that would be well worth having, if I lived closer.

A hawk. Unreleaseable due to partial amputation of her wing.

Unmatched pair of owls.




More trees.


There are even indoor trees! This one is more naturalistic than some bookstore trees I’ve been acquainted with.

The raptor area and some of the trails are wheelchair accessible, as is the main building. (boardwalk-style trails, if that makes a difference to anyone.)

More Nature and More Pictures

I went outside today.

On purpose.IMG_20160623_102113

So, that means it’s time for some more rest-area art.

If you’re wondering why this rest area art is so superlatively better than some of the things I’ve posted before, well… that’s because this is Nebraska rest area art. This one happens to be near the Platte River, and is therefore… uhm… well, it’s supposed to be a Sandhill Crane. Or possibly Two Sandhill cranes. Not really sure.

It isn’t, by the way, anywhere near the Sandhills, or, for that matter, any place I would actually associate with Sandhill Cranes.


Today was about getting out and getting some sun, so off to Omaha, I go!

Yup. That’s Omaha. You can tell by the poured concrete parking garage behind the bull rushes. And actually, this is in downtown Omaha. I suspect there’s a reason for all this nature-y excitement. Probably has something to do with drainage, or flood control.


Omaha is a nice balance between urban and rural life. You don’t get bored, but you also don’t have to spend all your time staring at concrete.


Yes, that water has been dyed. Just a little. It’s only obvious when it goes over the rocks, or… well, there is a fountain. And it looks kool-aid blue against the white rocks.


And, yes, that’s a gondola. Or two, if you’re willing to define the word loosely. (You may note that one of those things looks slightly more Italian than the other.) $3 a person, or $20 to charter the whole thing. Not a bad price, really.

Mmmm… Italian. And there goes my mind, wandering back to food, as usual.

Same city, different blog post.