3 Tools For Break Room Writers and Misanthropes

If you’re like me, you try to squeeze in as many words as possible in as many strange and under-equipped places as possible. After all, you have a life. You have a job, family, friends, and pets. You probably want to eat, sleep, and shower, too.

High expectations.

Here are some of the things I’ve found most useful, when exploiting every last second.


1.) Full size, folding keyboard. You’ll have a much better typing speed on something closer to what you’re used to. I’m using a Verbatim folding keyboard, which I’ve had for several years. Aside from the fact I dropped it and broke a hinge, it’s still working perfectly. Right around sixty dollars.

2.) Smart Phone or Tablet. I don’t have a secure space at work to store a laptop, so smaller is better. My phone more or less lives in my pocket, and I type into an email document. When I run out of time, I just mail the document to myself. My particular phone was a deep discount on Amazon, and just squeaked by under a hundred. (Well, yes, but compare to a laptop, and you’ll see why.)

The keyboard-phone combo is easy to drag along almost anywhere.

3.) Headphones. These should be wired, and clearly visible. If you are listening to music, they’ll keep the din of the Break Room in the background. However, they’re an important accessory, whether you’re listening to music, or not. The sad fact is that no amount of clearly visible work will keep people from interrupting your work time. Nope. It takes a pair of headphones to do that.