Science Fiction and Fantasy

If you like soft science fiction and complex relationships, or short stories with sea monsters and cats who don't get along with dragons, my writing might be perfect for you. Some of it is here.

Links to my stories, updates on my work in progress, and maybe a random blog, or two...

Find it here.

Drawing, Painting, Photography...

This is the page for my visual artwork. An incoherent jumble of disjointed images, or an avant garde masterpiece? You decide.

Mostly abstract, although I am "capable" of drawing a tree that looks like a tree.

Or a tree that looks like a ferret.

Come Meet My Brilliant Friends

Want to know what I'm doing, and who I'm doing it with? Here are my forums, my blog hops, my social media, and my alibis... I mean, my plans for the next get-together or volunteer event.

Come here to see what we're completely innocent of this week.

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