Over the River?

Mo River Flooding

Missouri River flooding as seen from Rock Port, May 1, 2019

Yesterday, I got closer to the big, main flooding than I had been before. I wouldn’t blame you, if you’re not seeing it. This time, it’s one of those things you just have to know. I took that picture standing at the edge of a truck stop parking lot in Rock Port Missouri. The problem is… Rock Port is about five miles from where the river is supposed to be. You usually can’t see the river from there.

Go to Saint Joe, they said. It’ll be fun, they said…

The interstate is closed, so we got detoured all the way up to Omaha, and not on the most direct route, either.

This is “the” truck stop. The one with the clean bathrooms and the friendly staff, where we always seem to stop on road trips. It’s currently sitting between an Interstate (which is closed) and a U.S. Highway (which is also closed.) It’s gone from a 24 hour business to about one shift due to the flooding.

The road home is closed here, too. So, backtracking to the nearest dry highway… and then, back across the river… and around… Uhm…

And that is why I didn’t write an Insecure Writers’ Group post, yesterday. (That, and the fact that I forgot, until this morning.)


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    Yikes. We lost our home in a flood in 1989 on a bright sun shiny day. I was asleep in bed and my fan fell over on me I stood up in knee deep water. I tossed the fan not be electrocuted. We lived in front of the Sabine River and it had rained hard up North of us and came rolling down. It was quite a shook, so I get nervous about it too. LOL. I hope that never happens for you. It was a tough time.

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      Ouch! That sounds like a nightmare. I hope I’m high enough to avoid that kind of wake up. Thanks for the good wishes!

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