The local hospital has reported that its Covid-19 wing is now full. The fact that we even have a Covid-19 wing is taking me a little getting used to. And the fact that its full? Well, there you go. Signs of the times.

There are people I know in the hospital.

It’s been a while, now since the first person I knew died of it.

I’m running to the end of my rope, right now. I hope everybody’s being safe.

Now, let me go spray something with Lysol.


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    We haven’t lost anyone, but two friends were hospitalized and three others were seriously ill for many weeks. We haven’t been within 6 feet of anyone else since this started.

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    It is scary, and I feel angry, too. That the ‘very important’ people we (in the UK) elected to govern the country get the very best treatment from the NHS, and refuse to support those in the frontline who work their [bleeping] socks off, and put their own lives at risk to cure those same ‘very important’ people. Same with all those in other non-profit-making but vital services around the country.

    Oops, I think my cage is rattling. Sorry, Karen.

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