I know I had a topic for this blog post, somewhere. Summer’s finally heating up, and–believe it or not–it’s getting humid. I’m going to have to move to a bigger house, just to make room for all my summer hair.

I took a quiz on the exact nature of my curls at one point, and the end result was that the company would like to sell me a few hundred dollars worth of “product.” (Your results will probably be shockingly similar.)

So, anyway, summer is here, or more to the point, half the year gone, and I’m in a funk. I wanted more progress, more change, more… something. I don’t know what. More baby ducks would be nice.

Okay, yes. I feel all disconnected and drift-y. There’s a lingering ennui between me and that “return to normal” we’ve all been hoping for. A little more distance than usual between me and the people around me.

I would like more, please.

Don’t ask me more what.

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