I got a postcard from DoorDash in the mail, today. Good news: They’re coming to my town.

It wasn’t the greatest advertisement I’ve ever seen in my life. For starters… none of the restaurants listed on the post card actually exist in my town. One of them doesn’t exist any closer than a two hour drive. I sincerely doubt any of them will be delivering anything to me, anytime soon. I probably wouldn’t want to eat it, if they did. (They’re all middle-priced chains.) The last thing I ordered from anywhere near those places was a tow-truck and even that wasn’t fresh by the time it got to me.

I don’t have a lot of faith in something like that in a small town. It seems like it would work better where the customers are packed in closer together.

Oh, of course, I want things delivered. It’s just that a search for restaurants in my zip code sends me to a “Not Found” page. Fair enough. A search for my location frequently sends drivers to a not found page.

I’m debating whether this is know your audience, or know your limitations. Either way, I’m not expecting delivery from the Cheesecake Factory anytime soon.


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    I’m not sure how DoorDash works, whether they get the client restaurants first then move into town or vice versa. If it’s the latter, maybe their intention is to talk to the local restaurants when they get there. See what happens in a couple of weeks…

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