My word processor decided to update, today. Shut down, update… clear out any memory of anything I’d been working on… and clear the list of recent documents, just for good measure. It’s possible I’ve been relying on the restore feature just a little too much.

The weird thing is… I’m sure that I lost some work… but I have no idea what that might have been. I’m debating whether that’s a sign that I need to hit save more often, or just a sign that I should clear out my own files from time to time. I’m not as broken up about it as I would have been in the past. Let’s just say that.

I’ve been working on short stories, so maybe I’m just not intended to recover what I lost.

I guess I’ll go with that, since I don’t have any choice.

The important stuff was saved. (I really do have to get into the habit of hitting that button on a regular basis.)

Today’s stuff was saved. Which means I’m working on a story about a robot, I guess.

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