52 Week Writing Challenge… an Update From the Queue

As a part of the 52 Week Writing Challenge, I am submitting short stories to actual magazines. The focus on short stories is something new. I don’t usually write stories, and when I do, I don’t usually think about sending them out anywhere other than this blog.

So, you send the short story out–usually via form–and they send you a confirmation link. Yes, they got it. Yes, they’re looking forward to reading it. And, if they’re really ambitious, they give you a number representing your place in the queue.

The number changes, giving you an excuse to compulsively reload the page. And now… I’m down to number 846 in line.

It’s exactly like being at Disney Land, except that instead of reaching the head of the line and having your sister throw up on you while riding the tea cups, you get to the head of the line and get rejected.

On the bright side, you don’t get heat stroke while you’re waiting.

Four stars. Less vomit than Disney Land. Could easily earn that fifth star by sending me a check for a million dollars.

Okay. Fine. I know. Nobody can ignore me any harder than they already are.



  1. Lita


    Dear heaven, I feel as though I’m standing in the queue with you! All the best, Karen. See you over at Holly’s place 😀

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