Congratulations! My busy life means you win this fine exhibition of Contemporary American Rest Area art. Yes, I know. That’s cheating. And yet, here it is. The first rest area we stopped at in Iowa.IMG_20160503_184911 IMG_20160503_184930

I’m fairly sure this nifty sculpture is supposed to represent “Amber waves of grain.” Looks like it might even light up at night.


This mural shows some of the marvelous fossils that have been found in Iowa. Note, in particular, the mollusks. That’s the kind of fossil I find. Ignore the Mastodon. That’s the kind of fossil my childhood nemesis and her evil minions find. (Her dad worked in a stone quarry. She had bulldozers and blasting caps. That’s cheating.) And anyway, it was only a tiny little chunk of tooth. You know. About the size of a really mediocre brick. Really. The University only put it in her museum because she would have cried, if they didn’t. 😉


Those are local flowers… I think. Didn’t have time to read the label. It’s a tile floor. Not quite a mosaic.


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    I kind of like the rest area art 🙂

    I’ve found lots of fossilized mollusks, too. And once, at Badlands National Park, my son (about age 7 at the time) found a jawbone of some ice-age critter.

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