A Few of the Things I WANT to Be Up To

The rabbits are getting used to having me around. Here’s one who hopped past my hammock a while back. As someone who usually has to be vewwwy sneaky to get a picture like this, I’m kinda stoked. (I’m just going to pretend that he wanted to say hello, and not that he didn’t notice I was there.)


I also have a flood picture or two left over. The flooding is long gone at this point. In fact, I may have heard people saying we need rain.

The fish do not agree.

Fish washed to shore in flooding

I have to feel for them. The sense that you can be happily swimming along minding your own business, when the water recedes… well, that seems familiar, doesn’t it?

They’re on a boat ramp well above where the water line ought to be.

High-end silt here.

At any rate, my sun hat has arrived, and I’m hoping to get back outside soon. (Active outside. Not hammock lounging outside.)

I would like to go walk down by the river. By now, I might not have to be ankle deep in mud to do that.


  1. Lita


    The fish left high and dry; the formation of cracks in the dried out mud or silt, reminded me of the invisible borders between rivers states in the US, and our counties in the UK. There’s a powerful allegory there. I shall be thinking about that throughout the day.

    • Reply

      Now, I wish I’d taken a picture of something more cheerful for you to think about! Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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