A Little Good News From the Bottom of the Barrel

The bridges are not closed.

That’s the good news for the day.

No, wait. There’s more. I wrote the phrase “Congratulations?” (Yes, that’s Congratulations, QUESTION MARK) on a cake for a baby shower, and as of right now, the pregnant person has not yet hunted me down. I did tell the man who ordered this cake that it was nice knowing him. You know… just in case I never see him again.

There are relatively few instances in which you should even say congratulations with a question mark. None of them are public occasions.

For the moment, my working hypothesis is that he intended it for a gender reveal party, and the question mark was just… awkwardly placed.

Please, please, be for a gender reveal party.


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      Poorly thought out gender reveal cake is my guess. The question mark should have been the “theme”… not the punctuation.

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