A Little Late

I know I wrote a post today. It wasn’t a great post, something banged out over my lunch hour, and **allegedly** uploaded from my phone, but now, it seems to have vanished. I’m sure nobody particularly cared about my lunch, anyway. (It was protein powder. This saves me the hassle of actually making or buying lunch, and thus, ten or fifteen extra minutes a day. Personally, I prefer boiled eggs, but you know… in a pinch.)

There are a handful of people at work who aren’t fooled by the fact I have ear phones in my ears. They KNOW I’m not listening to anything, and I know they know it. A quick glance over my shoulder to be sure I’m not doing anything important, and they just start talking.

I’m going to wind up re-writing the middle of my book. Right now, the tension is low, the conflict is non-existent, and it’s almost as though my main characters are taking a romantic vacation in the middle of a violent revolution. I leave them alone too much. So, new rule: any major character who is NOT dead, and who has NOT turned traitor will remain present and accounted for throughout the middle of the book.

It will also allow me to squeeze in some subplots I’d more or less given up on, and not add too much length to the book.

Take that, sagging middle.


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