A Little Lite Outdoorsy-ness

I managed to squeeze in a quick walk around a very small lake. (Between the searing heat and the rain, I was glad to do that.) It’s a man-made thing, about three quarters of a mile around, with fishing piers, and a boat ramp, and regularly stocked with fish.

There was a family fishing off one of the piers when I got there. Well… uhm… a father fishing, while his kids mostly sat around and looked bored.

It was nice to finally see my GPS watch in action. It drew a nifty little circle to follow the track I’d taken around the lake, and assures me that the whole thing was almost exactly three quarters of a mile. I’m still working out exactly who I would share GPS coordinates with, but it’s nice to have the capacity.

It was a spur of the moment thing. My flip-flops just aren’t made for that, but they did pretty well with some wading.

I got some aquatic plants between my toes.

I only took a handful of pictures, and these are the ones that turned out the best.

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