A Quick Picture, and Quicker Quandry

img_20161026_145429.jpgDon’t you think that–regardless of race or creed–that if you have the word “Mobile” written in giant letters across your side, you should occasionally uhm… move?

I’ve been waiting to see this chapel move for several years, now.

It just sits there.

At some point, it should strap down its candles and its crucifixes and Move. I want to see how it’s done.

Or we can wait a few more years, and then upgrade to an Intermodal chapel. Then, you’d have all the trains and freighters covered, too.


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    ROFL laughing. You know what I thought seeing that? They are “transporting” for Christ?

    I thought we were gonna fly? Guess it is Heaven come to earth.

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    PS I worked in law enforcement, so “transporting” makes me think a specific kind of transport. I guess at least its heaven and not hell they are transporting for. This gives me story ideas.

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      I didn’t think of that! But you’re right. Pretty decent story ideas. I’m not sure I’m the right one to write something like that, but I can definitely see a bunch of demons pretending to be truck drivers and… slipping through a weigh station just an ounce or two underweight.

      I just clicked schedule for my blog hop story. 😀 I really am squeaking by at the last minute, but life has been happening all over me, right now.

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        Me too. I have a kink in my story I can’t figure out and waited a little late to have a problem like this, so I have substituted a revised story I had previously written, so my title link doesn’t match my story but I explain that on my blog. Life has been all over all month but especially this week.

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