A Short Loop on the Platte River

I finally have some (moderately) outdoorsy pictures for you. I got outside, got my annual park permit… and got in a few miles.

Ordinarily, I might hop over the border to go to parks in the neighboring states (beautiful, wooded, hilly states), but… Pandemic.

So, I got an annual park permit for my home state. Yes. Annual. And that, people, is what passes for commitment around here. It’s not as bad as it sounds. **mathing, mathing** You only have to go to home state parks five times in a year to bring that down to the same price per outing as a day pass.

Okay. Yes. I do a lot of border hopping. I am right on the edge of my state, after all.

Mumble, mumble.

The greenest thing I saw all day was this pond.
Still sweater weather
Rotted Out Stump

This is a little over three miles. It’s a small park, and one that borders on some residential areas. (I’m going to have to take away a star for all the no-trespassing signs you see along the way.


  1. Lita


    I love bridges. Spanning a river, stream, or even a ravine – I do love bridges.

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