A Sigh In Food

Today has not been the best of days for food. I plummeted to the rock-bottom, least-favorite flavor of meal-replacement shake. It’s growing on me… which means I’ve gotten used to the taste enough that I’m no longer convinced there’s something wrong with it.

I tried to make eggs with cheese, but by golly, the cheese musta been a little moldy because as soon as it started to melt, there’s that musty dish-rag smell. (I can smell things before I can see them.) Had to start over on that.

And the mochi I ordered off the internet?

Well, the taste was fine.

The appearance?

Well, they sure as heck didn’t look like the picture. A little blobby–not the beautiful, round shape– and the filling was solid, and not as appealing a green. They stuck to their… uhm… is that a cupcake liner? something fierce.

So much for celebrating.

Maybe that’s the universe’s way of telling me to get my butt back to work.

Not finished yet.

No chewy, gooey, mochi for you.


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      I’ve had good luck with the ice cream kind out of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. (Whole Foods sells more traditional flavors, like red bean.) I’d probably order this again for the flavor, but I don’t think you could feed it to company. I may have to turn to restaurants.

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    There has to be a support group for this. You know, you call a friend when you find yourself reaching for that shake and she talks you out of it.

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      I wish there were a support group where you call a friend and she comes over and cooks! I could do dinners, but breakfast and work-day lunches are all about saving time for me.

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