A-to-Z Challenge: Kansas City, Missouri

Let’s be honest, I’m on vacation–or at least, a couple days off, and I’m getting lazy. So, let’s stay in Missouri another day, and talk about Kansas City.

Look, I have a picture. One without my thumb in it:


I climbed up the side of a mountain to get that for you. Well, a very large hill. Okay, well, maybe it was a war monument. There was a lot of up involved.

As you can see, Kansas City is an actual city-type city with buildings which are tall enough to blot out the sun and make everything a little claustrophobic. It is not, however, city-like enough that you have to worry about wandering into a dangerous neighborhood.

(Not that I actually have the sense to worry about wandering into dangerous neighborhoods.)

So, Kansas City… I’m dodging tall buildings and memories of an old flame (who gets a glowing recommendation, btw.)

There’s a jazz museum here, and also a Negro League Baseball museum. Once upon a time, a friend asked me about things to do in KC, and I started with jazz, and worked my way (quite a few “options” down the road) to baseball. So, my list is more or less in exactly the reverse order to hers, and there you have it–the number one thing from each list.

I could see myself living here. I mean, there’s a giant bookshelf downtown (and a library to go with it.) And there are things to do. (Do my thing, first, though. Jenny doesn’t need any encouragement.)

This year, my inspired Alphabetical Challenge theme is “The Letter M”. I’m working my way through the alphabet, one M word, M, person, or M place at a time. No, I don’t have any idea what my Muse was thinking on this one.

If you want to learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge, or join in, the website is here.

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