A-to-Z Challenge: M&Ms

Here I am, crawling out of bed on three or four hours worth of sleep to bring you this life-altering post on M&M’s candy pieces.  It just seemed natural to do a double M for the day, and that’s what I came up with first.

M&Ms had the chance to star in the ET movie, but they weren’t willing to pay for the product placement, so now all the little green men eat Reese’s Pieces.

I happen to be all about the peanut butter M&Ms. (In a nostalgic, non-diet busting kind of way.)  Aside from the fact that they’re peanuty without that slightly over-roasted flavor that less discerning people might call “burnt” you can also–if you’re very, very careful– bite the chocolate shell off of the peanut butter core and walk away with a perfect, UFO shaped clump of peanut butter.

What? Everybody deserves a sense of accomplishment.

And then, you eat that lump of peanut butter, too.

Nope. That’s about as zen as I get.

This year, my inspired Alphabetical Challenge theme is “The Letter M”. I’m working my way through the alphabet, one M word, M, person, or M place at a time. No, I don’t have any idea what my Muse was thinking on this one.

If you want to learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge, or join in, the website is here.



  1. Jz


    Really, I’ve never met an M&M I don’t like… but I have a sneaking fondness for the pretzel ones. I usually buy the peanut ones because they’re slightly healthier but they are all dear to my heart.

    Good luck with your extremely challenging challenge!

    • Reply

      I would be completely willing to buy a bag of assorted M&Ms. We really shouldn’t have to choose.

  2. Reply

    I peel the skin off my grapes, and then eat the mushy, sweet part inside, so I’m not judging your methods! What I refuse to do is split open my Oreo, like the cream off, and then what – what do I do with the cookie part?? It makes no sense!! Come on, people. 😉

    • Reply

      I have no idea! Eventually, you’d think Nabisco would just wind up selling the cream separately. I might be able to do that with a Famous Amos cookie, but I think their cookie is a little sweeter on it’s own.

  3. Reply

    *snickers* lol, I love that little add-in in ET. I like peanut butter Reese’s Pieces too. Although I rarely eat them as I avoid candy for obvious reasons, lol.

    • Reply

      I know! Those sugar spikes just about kill me, these days. I don’t notice it, until I splurge, but then, it just about wipes me out.

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