A-to-Z Challenge: Quantum Mechanics

So, my q for the day is yet another topic I know little to nothing about, but have happily twisted to support both this blog and various nifty plot developments in my novels. On the bright side, I’ve heard people say that if you think you understand Quantum Mechanics, you don’t. So, clearly, I’m right up there with the best and the brightest.

At least when I throw a party for time travelers, it’s wildly popular, they show up and bring space drugs. Anyway, that’s the way I remember it. And that one guy was a hell of a bongo player.

So, basically–and anyone who was ever a child will understand this–the rules for small things are different than the rules for large things.

Quantum Mechanics would be the set of rules that appear to–but might not–apply to very, very, very small objects. Yup. That does sound familiar.

It also sounds like a great name for a band–if you just added a little sex–something like the Quantum Tantric Mechanics–or for the guy who fixes your space ship or your time machine when you break your drive shaft somewhere in the horse head nebula.

The last book I picked up on the subject–a used copy– happened to be signed by a science-fiction writer who didn’t write the book.


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      Oh, yes. That sounds like just exactly what I should do. Have to go put on a giant bunny suit, so at least you’ll get some value out of the experience. Be right back.

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      Marginally ripped off from… uhm… well, there’s a name in my head physicist, but I’m not sure enough to repeat it. He threw a party for time travelers and then sent out invitations after the fact. Since nobody showed up, he concluded that time travel never happens. I’m now using variations on that as my excuse, if I throw a party and no one shows up: Other humans do not exist.

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