A-to-Z Challenge: St. Joseph, Missouri

In another two cups of coffee,  St. Joe will be a beautiful old railroad town. Right now, however, it is a foolhardy city that allows two 5:00s to exist within the same day. I’m recovering from a night in a cheap motel, and the recent loss of my (nearly-finished) draft of my A-to-Z post for the day.

Let’s just say that if WordPress gives you a button that says “Save Draft” you should probably push that button. I’ve gotten spoiled by the automatic saving on the real post-edit page.

I am in a concept McDonalds–the McDonalds of the future, boys and girls… it told me so—using the wifi and drinking a cup of coffee. I had to send my first cup back, because apparently, in the McDonalds of the future, cream clots, and you don’t pay enough attention to fix it before someone’s drinking it. Very seriously, the only things I need out of a restaurant are wifi and coffee.

So, St. Joe… which was one of my most favorite-est places in the world when I was a kid–was where Jesse James lived (there’s a museum.) and where the Pony Express began. (Start of the route, not start of the concept.)(there’s a museum.) It’s also home to the Gloor Psychiatric museum, which highlights historical treatments for psychiatric disorders. (Many of which are now used in S&M clubs around the world.) I’ll point out that even I know Gloor is probably not appropriate for young children.

There actually are a lot of good restaurants. (Not at 5am, though.) For people who want to look for them.

Right now–as an adult who has already seen the place Jesse James was shot, and the Pony Express barns–I’d have to say the highlight of the town is the big, beautiful old buildings. Some really nice architecture.

This year, my inspired Alphabetical Challenge theme is “The Letter M”. I’m working my way through the alphabet, one M word, M, person, or M place at a time. No, I don’t have any idea what my Muse was thinking on this one.

If you want to learn more about the A-to-Z Challenge, or join in, the website is here.


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    So sorry to hear about your lost draft. It’s happened to me before too. That is the worst. I’ve never been any place in Missouri. Thanks for highlighting St. Joseph.

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      Well, hi! Missouri is so beautiful. I’m thinking of moving in, if I can just figure out a way to explain it to my boss.

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    Is that where they moved the McDonald’s of the future? It used to be the one across the street from their corporate offices in Oak Brook, Illinois. That’s where they’d try out all their new delicacies. I swear, you could get everything but a hamburger there…

    Yes, don’t trust WordPress’s automatic backup feature to actually back up your stuff. Hit that “save draft” button a couple of times while you’re writing a post. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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      Maybe there’s more than one. Ordering anything out of the ordinary didn’t occur to me, but I think this place might be more a dry run for new tech than new recipes.

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