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After the last blog hop, I posted my story to Medium. And the response was less than spectacular.  I got about five hits–all of them off of Holly Lisle’s forum, where I had talked about Medium and asked for opinions from other writers.

Then, several days ago, I posted another article on Medium. This one was non-fiction, and in response to a question on the site.  (What would you tell your younger self about sex? My article is about sex, but it’s not sexy.)

Medium Graph

Medium Statistics–4 days!

As you can see, the new article managed to find an audience on Medium.  There are other articles that are a lot more read than mine, but a hundred and four views is pretty good for me.

Two of these visitors clicked through to my Medium.com profile, and on to my much neglected blog-hop story.

None of them made it all the way back to ReprobateTypewriter.com.

So the obvious question I have to ask is… can anybody think of a way to close the loop and bring readers from Medium.com back to my own website?

Right now, there’s not all that much of a connection between the stories on this website and what I’m posting on Medium.com. I can’t really see posting excerpts from the novel (or stories that include characters from it) on Medium. There’s nothing in particular in the TOS for Medium that I can point to on that one, but it just seems like a big bet, right now.  I might change my mind later.

So… thoughts?

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