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I’m sitting on the edge of the bathtub writing this in the bathroom, because I’m too lazy to climb behind the desk to plug in my computer. It’s an old house. Not enough grounded outlets, and even fewer where the cat can’t get to my dangling cords.

But I’m home, now. One slightly queasy piece.

I have more pictures. I took pictures all the way through Iowa (again.) Same road. Different direction… different outhouses. **ahem** rest areas. You have to agree with me that this windmill and wind-energy themed rest area is just about the cream of the crop. Beautiful and educational.








Here’s one where the guys win hands down. This mural is much better than the one outside the ladies’ room. I don’t remember it being this blurry, though. Maybe that’s what I get for talking while I was taking the picture.


img_20160510_091755.jpgThis mural shows the guts of a windmill used to generate electrical power.

img_20160510_091809.jpgAnd here’s another tile floor image.  This one shows… yep. a light bulb. Let’s just guess that it’s powered by good, clean Iowa wind energy.


And outside this fine rest area we have one of the blades from one of the windmills. I tried to get a good perspective on this thing, but failed. It’s big. That is a two-story building behind it, and it’s well above the roof.

img_20160510_091903.jpgAnd up and up. This windmill blade just keeps going and going…

… Not that size matters.

img_20160510_091911.jpg The picnic shelters at this rest area are also windmill-themed.  In this case, we’re talking classic Danish windmills.  How do I know this is a Danish windmill blade and not, say, a Dutch or a Swedish windmill? On account of it’s just down the road from the Danish Windmill and Heritage museum, and they say so. (I did not ask the Swedes, and the Dutch around here are all Amish, so you know they’re not fighting about it.)

img_20160510_092408.jpgThis isn’t actually at the rest area, but it’s a pretty good windmill, just the same. I can’t give it five stars, though. No toilet proximity.

Iowa is developing some pretty impressive wind farms that seem to start just over the border. At night, you can see all those hundreds of little red lights blinking away at the tips of the blades.

Now and then, various companies start chattering about putting some of these things closer to me. But, of course, we have bald eagles here, and a windmill can’t catch a rodent, so mostly the eagles win.

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