Alone in a Room With Invisible People

The writers’ podcast, Alone in a Room With Invisible People, hosted by my friend Rebecca Galardo is looking for spooky and Halloween themed stories for their Halloween edition of the show!

Here are the details:

I’m a little late with this, so do be aware that the deadline is October 1st, 2019. It’s an unpaid market, but the stories will be read on the podcast.

Here’s what I lifted from Alone in a Room With Invisible People just for you.

Although we go over this in the podcast, you retain all rights to your story, including indie and commercial audio rights. If we accept your story, you’ll need to e-sign a contract giving us one-time rights to broadcast your story in our podcast. The episode, which will contain all winning stories, will stay up as long as the podcast is around, but the advantage for you is being able to prove you won a contest with your writing by sending folks to the episode, and having the bio and backlink to your website on the site.

The theme is Halloween (but funny, scary, spooky, etc.) and any story that would fit inside the broad Halloween umbrella is welcome.

Important, important, important! Listen to the entire “Why Write Flash Fiction?” episode BEFORE you submit a story. In it, we discuss some specific things that make flash fiction awful, and if you do those things, we won’t be able to consider your story.

We also go over the make-or-break story length (500 words or fewer, as counted by Scrivener) and family-friendly rules, and the hard-deadline submission rules. The Gory Details are Here.

If you’re not already writing flash fiction regularly, Holly Lisle offers a FREE flash fiction class to help you get started.

Good luck, everybody!

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