Alright Already–the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

A2016I’ve been hearing about the A-to-Z Blogging challenge on and off for several years. So, this morning when I ran into yet another friend talking about the challenge in one of my online writing communities, I finally gave in. Alright Already. I’ll do twenty-six posts in a month. (In alphabetical order, and somehow incorporating the Insecure Writers Support Group on the 6th and the Story Time Blog Hop on the 27th.) Sure. Why not?

I like a challenge, and I can definitely use the discipline. My blogging habits have been a little non-habitual, lately.

So, let me jump in and introduce myself, or my version of myself. I’m a fiction writer. I’m revising a slicey-dicey serial killer thriller and blogging a science fiction novel. You can find a chapter-by-chapter menu and some of my short stories here. I’m also on Twitter, where I talk to strangers and generally waste a lot of time.

So, Alright Already… I’m in for the challenge.


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      Bravery… Stupidity… it’s a fine line. Thanks for choosing the most complimentary version, as always. I appreciate the encouragement. And good luck with Nano! (Not that you need it.)

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        Yeah, I do, Its been a year and a half since I wrote daily or produced any real story except world building. I feel like I forgot how and don’t know what to do next. Its a mental and emotional thing that I need to conquer so I can move forward and succeed. I guess I feel bankrupt on many levels, but I decide to jump into NaNo. I am working on blog post, but not on story yet. Yup wish me luck, I do so need it.

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          I always seem to wind up in a new-stuff rut when I switch to editing. I actually wrote a post around here full of excuses, (such as I’m writing more than I can ever edit) and then wound up slowing down the writing, but not really picking anything up on the editing.
          But the how-to always seems to come back, once I set my mind to actually doing it.
          You’ll do great!

  1. Mil Holmes


    Welcome, greetings. This is the month of ab-so-luute craziness for me as I’m doing both A to Z Challenge and Camp. I’ve already done the blogposts and am revising so, it should be doable. Have fun.

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      Already did the blog pots? **awe** I’m going to be just like you someday. So organized. You’re absolutely invited to write in the Storytime Blog Hop, too, if you can squeeze in a little more craziness. No pressure. 😀

  2. Jane Helms



    Love your blog title, graphic, tagline!

    My first time with the A-Z blogging challenge, but the lure of connecting with the community one letter at a time proved to be irresistible. So far ;o)

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    If the blog posts are daily, won’t you be done by the 27th? And therefore not have to incorporate the Storytime blog hop under a letter?
    Sorry, stickler for details here.
    It sounds cool 🙂

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      Daily, except for Sundays. I should look and see what letter the Storytime Blog Hop lands on. Are you doing Storytime this month? I have to get back on the forum, and start agitating for the next edition pretty soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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