An Interesting Detour

I was in Hiawatha, Kansas last week, and ran into the Davis Memorial.   All this fits in a space a little bigger than the size of a two-car garage.


This John statue looks pretty friendly.


An older Sarah. Looks vaguely amused. Cute couple.


When John’s wife Sarah died, he had this monument built for her. The marble statues are imported from Italy…

And installed in the cemetery in Hiawatha, Kansas. (Current Population, 3,172)


Davis Memorial

The Great Plains are Visible in the Background. Yes. All of the statues  in the memorial are of John and Sarah.

But what the town really wanted was a swimming pool.

And they told him so.

At great length.


Next to his wife’s empty chair.

No swimming pool.

(He also gave away a lot of money privately.   Shhhhhhh…)

statue of Sarah Davis as a praying angel

Sarah as an Angel… praying at her own grave.


Something to see, if you’re ever near Hiawatha.

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