An Update before I sleep…

I’m genuinely exhausted, but I’m stretching the day just a little further to get a blog post out. Isn’t that responsible of me?

Someday, I’m going to do an hour-by-hour comparison of what my current schedule looks like next to a normal, 9-5 schedule, and realize that I’m staying up til my midnight every day. Or… worse. I keep gradually slipping toward that fateful moment when “get up early” to write collides with “go to bed” and suddenly, I’m not sleeping at all.

How can I be working this much, and still not be getting everything done?

I would like to have the kind of job where I can buy things off the shelf and have them just work for me. One of those super-sized water jugs that has the hourly markings on it. Maybe a daily planner that doesn’t start when I’m eating my lunch. Something. After a while, you keep running into this kind of thing, and just add it to the list.

Did I get my evening writing session in?

Do meandering blog posts about water jugs count?

I’m still working on the current robot story. I have no idea how it ends. Also, the parasitic brain worms have escaped from me.

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