And 2020 Continues…

You can’t actually make this stuff up. Well, I can’t, anyway. In the latest of a long string of assaults on people who are doing their job, we have… A 17 year old kid who was beaten so badly that he (or she, or they, the article isn’t clear) had to have surgery on his, her, or their jaw and teeth.

Beating up a seventeen year old. Really? What’s next? Punching your grandma? Kicking a cocker spaniel puppy? Possibly a long night of robbing the poor box, and telling the blind that no, really, plaid suits and neon leg warmers are back in fashion?

So, they beat up a seventeen year old. For telling them to wear a mask.

Oh, and where did they do this?

Uhm… I’m a fiction writer. I know you’ll never believe me, if I don’t give you a link.

Yup. They beat up a seventeen year old… at a theme park.

And not just any theme park.

It was Sesame Place. A Sesame Street themed place for children age 3 to 6.

So… not just a seventeen year old. Probably an early childhood education major. Early childhood education majors are literally the human equivalent of a box of puppies.

Oh, the humanity.


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      This may wind up being life in prison for the assailants. In a lot of states, if a person commits a felony in front of a child, they are charged with a count of child abuse. And–I’m not a parent or anything, but I’m **guessing** that there are a lot of children at Sesame Place.

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    That’s horrendous 🙁

    I live in a tourist region (although outside of the tourist destinations) and I’ve heard more than one person saying that visitors aren’t wearing masks because ‘that’s what they have to do at home, and want a break’ – as though the virus magically disappears when you’re on holiday!

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      I used to take a bus that left from the Golden Gate Bridge to get to college every day, and believe me, I have had enough of tourists for all time.

  2. Lita


    Everything is making me cry at the moment. This included. Poor child. This will stay with them forever. This violent behaviour toward those who are simply doing their job…it’s heart-breaking. x

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      I know the feeling. I used to think so much of this stuff was just basic home training. Now, I’m not so sure.

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