And August Begins…

So, here we go. The start of a new month. I’m taking another swing at that elusive “perfect organizational system” and trying to condense everything I need to keep track of into a daily format. (Yes, the spreads are lovely… ish… or at least, trendy….ish. But the thing where my day is scattered across four or five spreads? That’s not really working for me.

I’m not exactly sure what I want, but… simplicity? I’d like to condense all of the word counts and what I dids and what I thoughts to where I just open the planner at the current page, and I’m done. We’ll just see how that goes.

Or maybe I’m not a planner person, at all, and what I should really do is just have a big white board against the wall.

Delightfully transitory, and probably a disaster waiting to happen.

The Summer of Fiction Writing is going by far, far too fast. I’m… weirdly satisfied with what I’ve gotten done. It’s been an in spite of everything kind of year, not a WHOOSH kind of year.

And I am spending more and more time out doors, even without going anywhere in particular.

Let’s all keep looking for that fabulous vacation that I desperately owe myself… with interest.

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