And In NaNo Novel News…

My main character has just eloped. With a fairly brilliant physicist. Who knows less about his own family history than she does. (His dead, non-English speaking grandmother told her all about it.) I don’t have the faintest idea what that has to do with anything. At any rate, they’re married, Vegas-style, and he’s in their hotel room on their wedding night, offering her an annulment.

They are not getting an annulment.

What I have right now is a series of fragments. I don’t understand exactly how they go together, and the only thing keeping me from quitting is ONE mysterious character who’s dug in his heels.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Maybe it didn’t have enough time to gel before I started in on it. Maybe I’m intimidated by the whole topic. Who knows?

Anyway, I have to track down more fragments, and get in some more words.

Wish me luck.


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    Maybe this is just the way you write? Explore the pieces and then see how they fit? I wish you fun and success, anyway! 🙂

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      Without a doubt, it usually is…:( I keep trying to find that cleaner, shinier first draft of my dreams, though.

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