And Nanowrimo Begins

It’s Nanowrimo season, again! I got my first letter–well, the first one not begging me to apply to be a municipal liaison, anyway–a couple of days ago. I went to the site, and logged in… and there I am. Ready to write 50,000 new words in November.

So, we have no municipal liaison. She didn’t exactly quit. She just forgot to reapply. It doesn’t matter all that much. We have no municipality, and no reason to meet in person in a global pandemic, either. But still.

I’ve talked about Nano, before. About how it’s a writers’ community piped into my living room. And about how winning isn’t always quite as important to me as being a part of the group.

This year, being a part of the group is more important than ever. It’s not going to be coffee and croissants at the nearest bookstore, but it’s something. Hello, people! What do you mean, I didn’t have to dress up to be on the Nano forums?

The writing part of it?

Well, I started a new project about a week ago.

And as the math goes, if I write 1,300(ish) words per day, I should have some kind of a finished draft by November 1st. (Yes, it’s short.) That would mean I can start with an old-school, brand new project.

Or… I could do the rebel thing, and work toward having 50,000 words of short stories, instead. I could see that as a nice stepping stone, somehow.

Or… Or… I could do some combination of both.

I’ll see how the current project goes. Maybe later on, I’ll make a real decision for you.

Let me know what you think. If you’re doing Nano, be sure you look me up on the forums.


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      Thanks! I’ll be reporting progress here, as well as on the Nanoforums. Let me know if you wind up joining. **peer pressure… peer pressure**

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    Wow, it’s that time of year again already?

    I use a pen name for Nano, but if I join in this year I’ll look for you. (I’m signed up but have not ever had the time to participate. Maybe this year?)

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      I frequently wind up flopping on wordcount, since I usually hit Nano at the wrong point in my own projects, but the community is fun.

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      I think it’s worth it, especially this year. They have such a broad community going there. Let me know, if you sign up.

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