And now from Wisconsin

There was no art that I noticed at the first rest area in the glorious state of Wisconsin. However, I took these pictures from a viewing platform behind the rest area in question.

IMG_20160504_100507971 (1)


It was a crisp morning–just cool enough to make you want a jacket, but just warm enough not to have one.




IMG_20160504_100457178I have absolutely no idea which order these pictures were taken in. Not that it matters.  Look at that sky!





IMG_20160504_100504503 And another shot. Lots of green grass and trees in this one.  That little fella on the left is my favorite, but go ahead. Pick your own. It’s fine. Plenty of excellent choices to be had, and there’s no accounting for taste, anyway.

IMG_20160504_100500056 And that, Wisconsin would like to inform the state of Iowa, is how it’s done.


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      The light makes all the difference! I photographed it again on my way back (it was raining, that day) and it really didn’t have the same charm.

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